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Best of MerMay 2018 - Sketches

Some of my personal favorites from the sketches I made during MerMay 2018
I'm strongly practicing to learn character art, which a few months ago was one of my biggest weaknesses in art...

PS: I didn't export the files again, so the copyright stamps are left on with my artist nickname (moondustowl) which I use around social media.

Zita banyai mermay2018 day10

Flirty mermaid

Zita banyai mermay2018 day4

Deadly ( black widow ) mermaid

Zita banyai mermay2018 day16

Honey-Whale mermaid

Zita banyai mermay2018 day28

Flowers & Jewellery with tentacle-tail

Zita banyai mermay2018 day8

Star Squid Mermaid

Zita banyai sketches 12may ariel

Unlike the other sketches, this one is a fan art of "The Little Mermaid"