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Scattered Through Emotions - 001

STE is a very important and very personal project, early ideas and sketches dating back to my student years (2012-2013) when I was attending Fine Arts at university.

The illustrations are based on CONTROVERSIAL FEELINGS that we humans face in our everyday life, giving or not giving attention to them, but many times letting them have a strong effect on our choices and behaviour...
Through these illustrations I'm trying to give awareness to this fact and by butting the emphasys on their controversial nature, showing that nothing is only black or white, if something is bad, can be turned to good as well, helpig (or trying to help) those stuck in any of the illustrated situations.

The use of hair and colors are key elements for this project, the hair helping to show a deeper connection to the artwork and also representing the negative feeling, the one that is holding us back, while the body gestures completed with the background color are showing openely the positive set-off for it.

Zita banyai ste 26jul18 losthope

STE - 001
Hopeless VS Carry On

Zita banyai ste 001

Early sketch for the illustration