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Egbert - Fan Art

I've always been a huge fan of the art & concepts of World of Warcraft & HearthStone. Now, as a new year's resolution I'm learning this new art style to finally get where I always wanted to: learning & comfortably drawing in (as I call it) the "HearthStone concept art style" ...

I know this is still far from that, but this one is my very first attempt, leaving behind the black outlines I usually use in my artworks. It's gonna be a long journey, practicing on my own, but I definitely need to learn it, because whatever I do, I still don't feel my artworks good enough to be satisfied with them, neither to get hired in art industry...

Zita banyai eggbert fanstudy

Egbert - Finished fan art

Zita banyai egbert steps2

Ebert FanArt - Steps